J! Archive JSON API

J! Archive is any Jeopardy fan’s paradise, it has every clue, question,
and contestant from almost every game of Jeopardy that’s ever aired.

It’s an excellent resource but the UI doesn’t quite lend itself to playable games.
Ages ago my friend and I endeavoured to make a play-along Jeopardy scoring/reference app.

We got so far as to make an API that interfaces with J! Archive before moving on to other things.
Maybe this little API will be useful to someone somewhere making a more elaborate Jeopardy Game…

There’s a /glitch/... endpoint that returns a JSON file compatiable with this Glich Project by @trentmwillis and @PatrickWeaver.
Just remix that project and replace questions.json with the response from the /glitch/... endpoint and you’ll have a real round of Jeopardy!.


GET \game\<month>\<day>\<year>


JSON Object of a Jeopardy Game:

    "jeopardy": [Array of Clue Objects],
    "double jeopardy": [Array of Clue Objects]
    "final jeopardy": {Clue Object}

Clue Object:

    "category": Clue Category,
    "clue": Clue Text,
    "answer": Clue Answer (but not in the form of a question),
    "order": int of when it was selected by the players, starts at 1,
    "value": clue value (int) or if a Daily Double (str: "Daily Double")


For valid dates for which there is no game in the J! Archive will respond with a JSON Object:

    "message": "J! Archive does not have a game for <month>/<date>/<year>"

404 Not Found occurs for all invalid paths.

GET \glitch\<month>\<day>\<year>\<round>


A JSON Object of one Jeopardy Round formatted so as to be compatiable with this awesome browser Jeopardy Board by @trentmwillis and @PatrickWeaver


The J! Archive servers are fragile creatures, they’re slow, and go down when people try to scrape large portions of the site.
Please be considerate using this API.

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